Tension Structures & Shade Sails

Tension awnings and shade sails are the most elegant and unique of the shade structures we install. They add design and character to areas while providing useful solutions to weather conditions. 
There are a number of colors and shade strengths you can choose from for the tension awnings and shade sails, built with crisp clean corners and elegant curves to provide added beauty as well as strength.
These shade structures are characterized by the tensioning of the fabric or pliable material system (wire or cable) to provide the critical structural support to the tension structures. The fabric used for the custom tension structures we install is made of a high density polyethylene fabric especially manufactured to resist tearing and contains UV stabilizers to prevent deterioration under direct sunlight.

With a wide range of fabric choices, our tension awnings and shade sails have the flexibility to offer either shade only or all weather protection, and are very popular for covering large areas at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional building methods. 
At Mega Awning we offer a variety of styles of shade structures. Each job is constructed with the precision and care that makes our products one of the best. 
We fabricate and install our own structures from start to finish, providing all of the design and fabrication services. 
You deal with one person throughout the buying and installation process.
Our warranties are dealt directly with Mega Awning and not through a third party vendor. We pride ourselves in quality work and great customer service. 

If you are looking to have a finished product that you can be proud of, Mega Awning is the right company to complete your next project!

For a quote and/or custom design inquiries please contact us at:
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